You don’t need to be changing career right now.
You just need to be experienced in how Brussels works. With Rtesian on your side, when you make a move, it’ll be the optimal one. To learn more, contact us.

First, we give you advice on what to expect from the market. We believe in long-term relationships, so this process is more about proper research than dozens of instant, vague, matches.

We can help you find a permanent role, or perhaps you’d excel in a fixed-term contract?  We’ll take the time to think it through with you. No matter where you are on the career curve, an impartial, critical eye is always healthy — and you can rely on our discretion.


You know Brussels inside out, but fancy a change. You’ve worked with decision-makers at every level. Making a choice in a rush, or for the wrong reasons, could have negative outcomes. With our guidance and support — and some great ideas from our contacts — we can find the perfect role for you to reach your potential.


The optimal time to consider a career move is when you’re approaching the peak of your current role — just when you’re least likely to be thinking about it. We can be the sherpas to
your next peak. Or perhaps your decision has been thrust upon you — e.g. you’re frustrated or sidelined in your current role. Decades
of experience mean we know this happens to the best of us — and how to turn things around.

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If you’ve got at least five years’ work experience, understand the workings of the Brussels machine and want to take your career to the next level, tell us a bit about yourself. We’ll be in touch if we can offer something compatible with your profile.
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