We’re a boutique, not a supermarket.
We concentrate on what we know best:

It’s very likely your perfect candidate is already doing an amazing job – for someone else. Let us find the right person for you, and possibly pique their interest. Think of us as a little black book for Brussels high fliers.


A service designed to help clients in times of change. We have access to experienced, senior staff for various fixed term assignments.


We’ll help your organisation manage talent, make partnerships and shape strategy. And we can offer tailored career management for individuals.

Rtesian’s consultants are no ordinary recruitment experts.
We’re all about accuracy: we don’t trawl, we dive for pearls.

Above and beyond checking our database of top names, we have a unique network of contacts who can suggest people likely to be interested. Our expertise and experience mean you have peace of mind. We act quickly, confidently and with discretion to find your perfect hire – what drives us is adding value to your organisation.

As well as doing away with the scattershot approach, we’ve had a think about how recruiters traditionally price their services — and decided we can do better. Our fee structure is unique, transparent and tailored to you. It’s also our special sauce, so forgive us if we don’t go into details here! It’s best explained in the process of helping you make some amazing hires.

Rtesian is powered by three R’s.
Here’s how we apply them to our recruitment process, to find the perfect fit for your business.
Contact us to get them working for you.

We’d only get things half right if we simply looked at the job description. Every organisation has its own structure, culture and strengths. We take the time and effort to research what makes you unique, before helping you with hiring decisions.


While we have a healthy database of names, what sets us apart is our reach. Working with our specialist advisors, our network of professionals, and personal contacts, we can come up with great names that won’t show on others’ radar.


The contracts are signed, the desks are tidied, and it’s the start of a first day in a great new job for everyone involved. For us, the work is far from over. We seek confidential feedback from clients and candidates to enable us to reflect on every element of the process: what went well, what could be done better, and what we can learn.

An interim is a hands-on, flexible addition
to your workforce for a fixed term

Your organization could be in crisis mode, adding a new department or planning a restructuring. An interim hire will bring a new perspective, analysing your organization with a fresh eye, and make tough choices if necessary. We can also find the ideal person for a time-limited role such as a parental leave cover for senior executives.

If you would like more information don’t hesitate to get in touch confidentially.
At Rtesian, finding the right candidate is great — a great start.

We can help your organisation manage talent, build effective partnerships and shape strategy. With the right people as a solid foundation, we can help ensure you get the most out of them.

We can provide HR services and support, and advise you on business acquisitions and partnership ventures. By looking at the broader issues of staffing and personnel strategies, we can help you add value at every level of your organisation’s work.

We offer tailored career management and coaching for individuals; we can advise on strategies to retain key staff, assist with the interview process and offer impartial evaluation of potential hires.

Basically, if it’s connected to HR strategy, the hiring process or maximizing performance of existing staff, we can use our decades of expertise to your advantage. 

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